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Transitory Body : the memory collector

16 min. edited video clip link of the performance:

Site-specific interactive and durational performance

4 hours

Performance developed during Piramal Art Residency, cycle 24, Visualizing the language.

Piramal Art Residency


Transitory Body: the memory collector is a durational piece where I create a dialogue between body, land, trees, and memories. My performing body draws a resonance between replanted trees and my replanted family history. Both bodies have gone through the process of displacement and replacement. My body carries within itself the memories of partition-separation- division- dissection-detachment in the form of dates. Dates are an important element of history. The use of certain dates or the combination of numbers can remind us of past events or occurrences. I revisit my family history on the site. I adopt the action of stamping dates (relevant to both my family and the country) on my body resonating it with the action of stamping as an official procedure connected with the body in transit. As the performance unfolds my body becomes a collection of memories. I equate myself with a memory collector inviting viewers to share their memories of loss involved in partition- separation- division- dissection-detachment with me by offering my body as a site to collect the lost narratives.

Instruction for the viewers:

1. Think of a date that reminds you of a memory related to partition-separation-division- dissection-detachment-displacement.

2. Form the date on the stamps provided.

3. Stamp the selected date on my body.

4. Whisper the reason for the date you stamped on my skin in my ears, in return I will whisper one of my memory in your ear.

When we share our memories with each other metaphorical migration of memories occurs.

Video Documentation- Janhavi Khemka

Video Editing- Arpita Akhanda

Arpita Akhanda_Transitory Body
Arpita Akhanda_work_10 (b).jpg
Arpita Akhanda_work_10 (c).jpg
Arpita Akhanda_work_10 (d).jpg
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