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Paper Weave, Archival print of Archival letters and photographs collected from the family archive

Displayed as part of Emami Art Open Call Online Art Exhibition - 'Āroh'

curated by Ushmita Sahu

24 x 32 inches approx. overall size


Dak Ghar is a weaving of letters sent to the different houses, my family lived after partition with the images of those houses. This piece is a Ghar(house) a metaphorical one holding memories of all the Daks (letters) of moving from one roof to others in search of a shelter/home.

The title of this work is also influenced by Rabindranath Tagore’s story Dak-Ghar. Here when I look at the letters addressed to different houses and the images, though I have never been there but have grown up listing to the stories of living in different states/cities/houses I like Amol the protagonist in Tagore’s story imagine of me being a part of those houses and stories.

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