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Moving with the senses

Performance Piece for Solo Show at

Janus Center for Performing and Visual Arts



This performance was a part of my first solo show A Walk over Senses at JANUS, Kolkata. Growing up and living in a socio-political situation where gender, caste, religion, TRP are considered above our sensibilities, I always try to question and remind what has been forgotten.


This performance has derived from one of my childhood memory. Since I had a weak memory, in order to remember anything my mother used to ask me to repeat the things I have learn on a blackboard until its saved in my memory. Growing up I learn ‘Repeating’ as a methodology also creates the illusion of truth. If you keep on repeating something for a period of time even its not true people tend to believe it at some point, that's how the illusion of lie is built. And I found this repetition as a process playing a very important role in shaping the political past, present, and future of our country.

I converted the gallery floor into a big blackboard. Expanding my exploration of five senses, I repeated very basic and essential sentences -


Eyes to See, Ear to Hear, Nose to Smell, Tongue to Taste, and Skin to Touch with chalk on the blackened surface. Questioning the disfunctionality and the kind of sense-less society we are creating for our future, I tried overlapping Eyes to See with Eyes to Touch, Ear to Hear with Ear to Taste, Nose to Smell with Nose to Hear, Skin to touch with Skin to Smell, Tongue to Taste with Tongue to See.

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