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Paper Weaving on Archival print of political maps of India and photographs of migration from 1947 and 2020

Displayed as part of Emami Art Open Call Online Art Exhibition - 'Āroh' curated by Ushmita Sahu

45 x 32 inches approx.


Recrudescence refers to the recurrence of an undesirable condition.

And we have witnessed one such condition this year. The past of migration that we once left long back but at the same time is still under its influence have shown its presence in recent times. This series is a meeting point of past and present weaved together to question our understanding of looking at history and its politics.

The central images are weaving's of popular photographs from 1947 and 2020 migration weaved to form an abstract frame of bodies, memories, and political situations of both the times. Placed inside a decorative border with texts - The Walk, The Body, The Border, The Land and The Home, and the historical dates 1947 and 2020. The idea of weaving the ornamental border surrounding the centrally weaved images out of the borders of the Indian Political Maps of 1947 and 2020 bridges the understanding of the term border in both politics and weaving. The design patterns and compositions are inspired by my mother's hand-stitched cross stitch TV covers. TV the source of all this information's is an invisible element in this work.

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