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(I & II)

Paper Weave, Archival print 

Displayed as part of India Art Fair 2022, New Delhi

16’’ x 26’’  approx. 

Image courtesy Emami Art Gallery 




In memory of I_ Arpita Akhanda.jpg

Image courtesy Emami Art

In memory of I_Arpita Akhanda.jpg

Image courtesy artist

In memory of (I & II) is a set of two paper weaving works developed in memory of the portraits Arpita grew up looking at, in her family's photo albums. She says these unknown persons were part of the family before the partition and now no one recognizes them. Memories fade, stories are forgotten but the people remain frozen in these photographic remnants. This series, is part of a larger ongoing work by the artist, and it responds to a collection of unknown, unremembered characters getting lost within the annals of history and the political decisions that give shape to destiny. Methodologically, the artist dissects images and then weaves them back together, with each 'cut mark' evoking the pain of partition. The resultant "new" image is ambiguous.  The shredded paper falling at the sides like stilled wings, evoke a psychological passage of time.

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