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The last leap: 101 ways of crossing


Installation with video, photographs, dress worn during performance.

Part of Of Liminal Beings and other spaces, curated by Ushmita Sahu, Emami Art gallery, Kolkata.


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The Last Leap is a site-specific performance with reference to the stories (oral histories) shared by my grandfather of how he can never forget the last step he took to cross and choose between two lands during the India-Pakistan partition. 'Epar ba Opar' (In Bengali means either this side or the other) through the act of crossing I tried to develop a relationship with the fence which divides superficially the land into two parts, giving birth to the notion of -the other. From one land to the other- from one border to the other- from one identity to the other addressing the questions- why does one have to choose, how does one choose and whom does one choose.

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