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3 States...the transitory journey

Paper Weave, digital print of life-size self-portrait and original political maps of three states from which my family migrated- West

Bengal, UP, and Odisha in three respective languages.

Displayed at group show- Departure, Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata

Conceptualized by Prasanta Sahu

6' x 2.5' (Scroll)

2.5'' x 3'' (small weavings)

I explore paper weaving as a process to weave the warp of memories with the weft of politically charged statements to create a fabric that questions identity and existence. My weaving pieces involve dissection of an image and weaving of texts through the dissected body which forms a surface where words and images play hide and seek both physically and conceptually. I see this language of weaving as a metaphor to speak for the forgotten and lost narratives.

Maps are used to locate places and identities, I explore a map to locate the history of my family’s shifted identities.

In 3 States...the transitory journey, I weaved the maps of three different states from which our family has migrated time to time in their respective languages on my full body to create an abstract relationship between image-text, past-present, identity-existence, and memory-physicality.


Details of the weaving

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